What needs to be included in a real estate management report?

In every professional activity, the organization of information is fundamental. For this reason, the real estate agent needs to keep track of the metrics of his activities, in order to become more productive and accurate in his approaches. Knowing how to write a good property management report can help you in this mission.

However, the report needs to be objective. It is necessary to know what will be reported and why this action is taking place. To help you write more efficient documents, we’ve put together some tips in this article. Read to the end!

Writing a good report

It is interesting to clarify that a real estate management report can obey the standard model of this type of information. In it, there is a title, introduction, development, conclusion and bibliography.

The title must be the name of the report. Development, on the other hand, always reports objectively the information collected. The conclusion suggests taking action or shows whether a strategy has worked or not. The bibliography informs where the data used in the analysis came from.

Closing report

The closing report reports all businesses that were closed in a certain period (first quarter, for example). Information such as:

  • property value;
  • Property status (sold, rented, etc.)
  •  broker’s commission amount   ;
  • negotiation value;
  • closing date;
  • property address;
  • use of financing;
  • Broker name, etc.

Other information can be included or removed, according to the needs of the real estate agent or the self-employed professional. But be careful not to change the purpose of this property management report.

Business loss report

When receiving a negative response from a client, the real estate professional must write down the reason for the withdrawal from the purchase or the lack of interest in the property. This information will be essential for the writing of the business loss report.

The real estate company may discover, for example, that its target audience does not have access to real estate financing lines to buy the property, requiring the company to start offering it to another audience.

Visits report

It reveals details of each visit and shows whether the mission of convincing the customer to take an interest in the property has been accomplished. This document has information collected through post-visit contact.

Visit evaluation

In this report, the real estate or brokerage firm describes customers’ perceptions of the visit. Thus, it is possible to improve this stage, showing properties more and more suitable for your audience.

The purpose of the visit assessment is to guide this process in the future, preventing the company from making recurring mistakes, such as sending customers to visit properties that do not meet their needs.

Specification sheet

This is a document sent to the client with relevant information about the property and the real estate company. The purpose of this report is to provide the public with a basis for them to decide what they want to visit, avoiding disappointments during the negotiation.

As we saw in this article, the real estate management report contributes to the improvement of a company’s results. If you work autonomously, remember to include some of these documents in your work routine.


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