Understand how real estate credit linked to the IPCA works

The financing linked to the Broad Producer Price Index (IPCA) to buy a property is an opportunity for people who wish to realize their dream of owning their own home or building a property. This type of credit offers a reduced portion at the beginning of the contract and provides resources for the acquisition of real estate in Brazil.

In this post, we will explain how real estate credit linked to the IPCA works and what the advantages of this investment in property are. In addition, we will point out what are the risks of this alternative and what is the importance of having the help of specialized professionals to make the best decision. Here, you will discover everything you need to know about the topic.


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How does real estate credit linked to the IPCA work?

It is very important to understand about charging interest to know exactly what you are paying in a mortgage. This credit has an interest rate indexed to reduced inflation. Public employees will pay from 2.95% to 4.95%, plus the IPCA, with installments whose variation depends on the entry price and the bank.


The option is interesting because when the debt is pegged to the IPCA, the correction is carried out according to inflation. Forecasts are that, in the years to come, it will remain under control, so this is a great opportunity to finance real estate through this type of credit. Annual interest in 2020 is 6.66%.


What advantages does it offer?

The main advantage of this alternative is to start by paying lower installments than is required in the other options, which charge higher amounts at the beginning of the contract. This benefit increases the purchasing power of Brazilian families who could not obtain the financing due to the high value of the benefits. With this, realtors are more likely to make their sales.


What are the risks?

The risk forecast must always be made before the consumer chooses to finance the mortgage loan linked to the IPCA. Initially, the greatest risk of adhering to this alternative is the increase in the value of the installments due to changes caused by inflation. Thus, in a debt that will take 30 years to settle, changes in the installment amounts may occur.


Currently, there is no forecast that the Referential Rate will leave zero. But inflation is more transparent when measured by the IPCA, given that the correction occurs by an official index. Therefore, rising inflation is the biggest risk of these contracts if the contractor does not have a planned budget and accumulates debt.


Did you understand how real estate credit linked to the IPCA works? Know that it is very important to count on the help of specialized professionals to make the best decision. This modality is generally very suitable for people who are going to pay off the total debt in up to ten years, as during this period the market should not undergo considerable variation.


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