Solve your biggest doubts about real estate guarantee

Buying a property is a big financial investment like nova city  .For this reason, the buyer should seek information about the construction company, prepare financially for the purchase and seek good financing. However, what happens when things don’t go as planned and the property is defective? Is there a guarantee of real estate?

The answer is yes. However, the resident must pay attention to the details of the negotiation to avoid buying a house with apparent problems. If you want to know more about this topic, just read this article by Blue World City until the end. Good reading!

Guarantee of real estate in the plant

The buyer should not expect to take the keys to the property to know what their rights are. Valuable information on delivery times, financing rates, changes in installment values ​​and duties of the construction company can be found in the contract signed at the time of purchase – which must be read carefully and in advance.

From the moment you pick up the keys to the property until the first 90 days of use, the buyer is insured against “apparent defects that are easy to find”.

These are problems that can be seen in a simple way, without the need for a careful analysis or an expert. In such cases, the owner must notify the construction company by registered or registered letter. Another option is to send a telegram with a confirmed copy.

Choose to try to resolve the situation with the construction company before turning to judicial bodies, such as Procon. This attitude brings agility to the guarantee of real estate.

Guarantee against non-apparent defects in the property

The total guarantee for the new property is five years. During this period, if the property presents any damage caused by the quality of the materials or methods used in its construction, the buyer is protected.

An example of non-apparent damage is plumbing problems, for example, seepage. However, if after five years of warranty the property has problems caused by the construction company’s interference, the buyer can ask for reimbursement of the amounts paid for maintenance. You will need to contact consumer protection services.

Warranty on deadlines

The deadline for delivery of the property must be respected, as well as the deadlines for maintaining the property that is already in the possession of the buyer. In case of delays, consumers should look for Procon in their city.

Avoid signing contractual amendments, as they may mean that the owner has agreed to the new deadlines. In addition, keep all documents containing information about deadlines, such as folders, e-mails, etc.

Manual of good practices for residents

The construction company gives the resident a manual of good practices, containing information on which changes cannot be made – at the risk of losing the warranty. Usually, it concerns structural changes, such as slab cutting or floors to change facilities, for example.


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