Real estate partnership: why should a realtor invest?

Making a real estate partnership can be very advantageous for the realtor’s career. In such a competitive market, it is worth using this modality to increase the real estate portfolio and have more chances with the clientele.


In addition, there is greater legal certainty and productivity at work, since the bureaucratic part of the processes will be on account of the real estate company. In this post, we explain why it is worth investing in the modality and what the main advantages are. Follow us!

Why invest in real estate partnerships?

The real estate partnership is a viable solution when the broker needs certain properties that are only in the company’s catalog. The agreement can be punctual or prolonged, depending on the need for both. The commission on actual sales   is usually divided equally between the two.


This solution is of interest mainly to brokers who are in the beginning of their careers, as there is a greater chance of winning potential clients, since they will have a more diversified portfolio of properties.

What are the benefits for the broker?

Greater legal advice


Having a real estate partnership allows the broker to have specialized legal advice, as the company already has some stability in the business. It is very common for brokers to encounter problems such as undocumented properties, incomplete documentation, among other issues.


The legal counsel of the real estate company is very efficient at these times, resolving all these obstacles so that the professional is able to effect the sale without delays   or complications.

Greater capture of properties

You do not have to stick to a small and poorly diversified portfolio of properties, even when you are in the early stages of your career. By partnering with a consistent real estate company in the business, you already start with a catalog filled with interesting options. Not to mention that it saves the time you would spend doing the fundraising on your own.

Increased customer demand

Real estate agents who work alone find it more difficult to find potential clients, since a large part of the public tends to resort to already consolidated real estate establishments.

Therefore, anyone who invests in partnership with a recognized real estate company has great chances of multiplying the niche in which they operate. Especially because these establishments invest more in marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Improvement in work organization

Who doesn’t want to be more productive   in their day-to-day work, right? Even more if we are talking about the real estate business, where routine activities are time consuming for brokers. By making a partnership, the professionals save precious hours throughout the week because they do not have to deal with maintaining the website or publicizing the services, for example.

In addition, large real estate companies are increasingly betting on software for storing information, managing and administering processes. Thus, tasks in the office are more optimized and there is time to invest in training, training and networking. What about?


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