Property capture: what is it and how does it work?

It is normal for the realtor to direct his efforts to get more clients. However, many professionals do not pay attention to the capture of real estate, and this is a problem.

For a person to buy, it is necessary for the seller to offer the appropriate product. That is why it is important to have a comprehensive real estate catalog.

To better understand this topic, read the post until the end. Thus, you can improve your ability to capture properties and, of course, increase sales!

Understand business motivations

The owner of a property seeks a broker with the aim of selling the property. Usually, this is the information that most calls the professional’s attention. And it shouldn’t be like that.

In order to improve the capture of properties, the broker needs to present results to clients. For example: the owner needs to sell the asset to pay a debt. He is willing to negotiate, as long as he receives it in cash.

Now, the broker knows that he must prioritize this business to meet the seller’s expectations. He also knows that there is a margin for price reduction and that this can be used to convince a reticent buyer.

Know the neighborhood in which you want to act

It is not a matter of collecting technical information, such as the price per square meter. To improve the capture of properties, the broker has to know the functioning of the neighborhood.

For example: is there a neighborhood newspaper or community radio that advertises properties? What do these people think about the broker’s job? Have you had good experiences in the past?

A neighborhood is not made up of buildings, but of residents. Understanding this contributes to the capture of real estate.

Maintain efficient communication channels

Be available to chat with potential customers. If you use WhatsApp, avoid misunderstandings. Some people may be offended if they are not answered immediately. So include it in your status when it’s not available.

Also, remember that people will search on Google or social networks who are the brokers who work in the neighborhood. If that happens, will your client be able to find you?

Study your numbers

Of every 10 properties captured, how many can you sell? What types of properties are these? Answering these questions can help you define an ideal average of properties that you need to have in your client portfolio.

Investing in more properties than you are able to meet or in price ranges that do not attract the consumer can be destructive strategies for your professional image.

As we have seen, increasing the capture of real estate must obey a plan made by the broker, adding to an empathetic attitude towards customers and the needs of this professional.

Do not forget that people may be afraid or a negative image of the brokerage, due to their previous experiences. So, in order to improve the process of capturing real estate, the broker cannot focus on selling, but on offering housing and business solutions.

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