LinkedIn: why should realtors invest in the network?

LinkedIn is a social network focused on creating and strengthening professional connections. As if it were a kind of Facebook focused on business, the idea of ​​the site is to find people, companies and job opportunities.

But where does the realtor come into this story? Think of LinkedIn as another channel to capture new sales opportunities. After all, Brazil is the 3rd country with the largest number of users – currently, there are 10 million registered Brazilians.

If this data was not enough to convince you of the relevance of this portal, continue reading this post and see why you should invest in LinkedIn. Come on?

The reputation

A property can be the biggest purchase that a person will make in his or her life. Therefore, the broker has to establish a relationship of trust with his potential clients. Make sure your profile contains details of your experiences in the area and view the page as an extension of your business card.

After all, on the internet, people look for professionals to inform themselves about the trust of the services provided, and what they will find can reinforce the relationship or leave doubts that can harm the sale.

LinkedIn groups

On LinkedIn, you can create a group for your business niche (“high-end real estate,” for example) to reach out to potential stakeholders in the main subject.

The members of these groups – which may vary between sellers, buyers and other professionals – will share information, news and, above all, doubts. Remember that this is a great opportunity for interaction, as answering these questions will help you establish yourself as a reference on the subject.

The recommendations

Did you find that customer of a great sale from the past on LinkedIn? Excellent! Connect with him and ask for an evaluation of his work on his profile. This enriches your professional history with other clients.

Do you remember when we talked about reputation at the beginning of the text? This is one of the main ways to reinforce it. Recommendations can generate a powerful channel of opportunities, as this facilitates the opening for new businesses and helps in conducting current negotiations.

The connections

With the large user base that LinkedIn has, you can not only prospect customers but also build a solid network of contacts to optimize the reach of your publications and boost the generation of new opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that, when you reach the number of 50 connections, your profile will appear in the search results for terms of your market – which will guarantee a lot of visibility.

In addition, Linkedin is currently a less competitive search engine than Google and Facebook. So, this is a good time to bet all your chips on this site!

Now it’s your turn: are you already on LinkedIn? If so, how have your results been? Leave a comment in the post and share with us what your experiences are.


Author: blog-admin