LIG: learn more about this real estate investment option

Many people want to have a peaceful and economically stable future, don’t they? For this to happen, it is essential to save and make investments in the present like lahore smart city. By doing a quick search on the internet, it is possible to find several options to invest.

An unsuspecting person may make a wrong choice and one that does not meet your expectations. Therefore, you need to know the differences and characteristics of each type of investment.

The Guaranteed Real Estate Bill (LIG) is a novelty in the market and is attracting the attention of several investors. But do you, our reader, know what it is or how it works? Also, do you know who she is best suited for?

This post will help you understand a little more about the subject. Check it out below.

What is LIG?

The Guaranteed Real Estate Bill is a credit security issued by financial institutions. It offers more security and stability compared to other options available on the market, such as the Real Estate Credit Bill (LCI) and the Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI).

It arose from the federal government’s effort to increase market sources for financing real estate transactions. Its resolution also provides for periodic payment of income and principal.

In a very simple way, LIG’s profitability is based on interest rates or is linked to the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA).

The National Monetary Council (CMN) has determined that its issuance is permitted for commercial banks, multiple banks, investment banks, credit companies, savings banks, mortgage companies and loan and credit associations.

In this way, investors have a great deal of choice before taking any action.

What are its advantages?

LIG is known for its double security. This is because the application is covered by real estate credits, which are not related to the bank’s assets, and by the security of the issuing institution.

For example, in case of default or bankruptcy of the institution, the credit portfolio will be responsible for honoring payments. Also remember that it is exempt from income tax for individuals, as long as the security has an average term of more than two years.

In other words, LIG ​​offers less risk and guarantees good profitability in the long run.

What should be evaluated before investing?

It is noticed that there are several benefits, but it is necessary to be very careful when investing in LIG. It is not a good option for investors who need immediate liquidity or who want to redeem the bonds in the short term.

Making a good investment choice is not always easy. As there are several options, it is very common to have doubts. In any case, you need to analyze existing conditions, benefits and disadvantages and adapt them to your goals.


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