How to increase the conversion rate of sales in a real estate company?

Improving the conversion rate is essential for a business to have satisfactory results. Therefore, it is very important for a company to discover what has prevented its visitors from becoming customers.

The conversion rate can still be used to determine whether a marketing strategy has worked. For example: a store distributed 1,000 pamphlets, but had only 20 visitors. This poor result may indicate that this initiative is not the most suitable for the business.

To help you understand more about this subject, by learning to contextualize the concept of conversion rate in the real estate market, we have prepared this article. Good reading!

Take care when doing digital marketing

Some companies underestimate digital tools, believing that they do the job themselves. This is not true. If your social networks and your website are not generating leads, it is evident that something was done inappropriately.

A common example is invasive strategies. Many websites promise magic solutions to customers, abuse the use of banners and pop-ups, so that the visitor does not trust the company to the point of signing an email list, for example.

Create a suitable property catalog

Market segmentation is recommended for any type of company, including real estate. So, find out who your target audience is and what real estate products are of interest to them.

This can help you overcome the resistance that a client has to offer, as an audience survey can give your brokers the arguments they need to convince them to invest in the real estate market.

Invest in after-sales contact

People tend to opt for companies that have been recommended by close individuals, such as friends and family. So, one way to increase your real estate conversion rate is to ensure that your customers are satisfied to the point of recommending it to others.

Draw a communication plan to make a correct contact with your customers after they close the deal.

Work with qualified brokers

The realtor should act less like a retail store salesman and more like a real estate consultant.  This means that he should not appear to be looking forward to the sale.

This attitude makes the buyer suspicious, becoming reticent and believing that the property visited is not a good choice.

Training your employees is a way to prevent sales failures from scaring customers and damaging the real estate image, causing your conversion rate to decrease.

Another way to always count on the best brokers is to improve the process of hiring professionals, including interns who work in the brokerage, as you can have contact with great talents who can contribute to the success of the business.

As we have seen, the conversion rate is an important metric that will indicate whether your communication, marketing and sales strategies are paying off.


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