How coronavirus can transform real estate and ways of living

The Covid-19 pandemic and social isolation took on proportions that mainly affected health and the economy, but also reflected in the way of living and seeing the house. For some, the same space today includes work, leisure, the gym and the children’s school.


The immersion at home brought a new perception about the spaces that really matter, the valorization of self-care, the contact with nature and the creation of new habits. In the real estate market, growth in demand for larger properties is expected and the search for comfort becomes paramount.


5 aspects that can influence the change in the properties of the future


The rethought lobby


Hygiene when entering the home has never been more important. And environments that previously received little attention have become the transition to health and safety for residents. Many people have acquired the habit of removing their shoes before entering the house, immediately washing their hands and sanitizing everything that arrives, such as grocery shopping and delivery and delivery packages. Thus, there is a tendency for spaces designed for this purpose to transition between internal and external to appear in homes.

The home office trend

Another bet for change in society that will have an impact on the way of living is the home office that is increasingly present. Those who had to adapt to this new reality understood the importance of a space with privacy, a comfortable chair and a good internet signal.

Therefore, the layout of future projects will be designed for the needs of reconciling work and personal life, whether adding screens and partitions in the rooms or creating an office.

The nearest nature

People have also come to appreciate more contact with nature, and, therefore, properties with a balcony and good natural lighting will be desired. Those who do not have this space can try to include potted plants and flowers in the decoration or a vertical garden.

Relaxation and self-care


Having a space reserved for relaxing is essential to keep mental health up to date. Reading, meditation, physical exercise and personal care have never been more popular.

People started a movement to rethink their priorities and seek well-being and relaxation, which can happen in a reading corner with an armchair, on the balcony with natural light or in the comfort of the room.

Conscious consumption and minimalism


The way of consuming also tends to change, both because of economic insecurity and because of the change in society’s values ​​as well as conscious and even sustainable consumption. Minimalism already came as a trend and is expected to become stronger now, with less furniture and accumulation of things, thus prioritizing articles that have functionality.

The property, more than ever, represents your safety and that of the whole family. For those who are looking for a new place to live,  Lopes  has the best options on the market and an online service to help you in the whole process.



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