After-sales: Tips for not losing the customer after the signed contract

After a sale has been made, some brokers leave customers aside as if they have already fulfilled their role, thus being able to lose future sales (referrals, investments, rents, etc.) from that same customer. Therefore, using an after-sales strategy is essential for any broker.

The real estate market is very competitive and nowadays it is much more difficult to win a new client. Therefore, brokers must always take care of the relationship with clients already won. Do you need to retain, get new business leads, generate reputation, maintain trust for when customers decide to make new investments, etc.???

After a good service during the negotiation process and a cordial relationship with the broker, the client tends to remember him when making a referral, or even if a new need arises in the business.

We have separated some tips for you to stand out in the after sales service. Check out!

1 – Think of it as a sale that has never been “closed”

This is the opportunity to maintain a lifelong relationship with the customer, that is, to become really important to him. Keep periodic contacts, send important information with relevance that are in the customer’s profile, however, don’t be boring, use common sense to send such information.

2 – Help the customer after handing over the keys

Show interest in the customer, asking him what he thinks of the property he bought, prove useful in solving the small problems that always happen after the change, such as a clogged pipe, a burnt shower, a plaster insert, a change in wiring electrical, etc. Indicate reliable professionals, with a good price.

A nice idea is to send the customer a map with the main activities of the neighborhood, a guide of services distributed in the region, such as restaurants, bakeries, markets, 24-hour pharmacies…

Decoration, architecture, landscaping and other tips are of great acceptance and add your service.

3 – Hold on to anxiety

When we like some tips, we want to put them into practice right away and we often have to wait for the right time. After handing over the keys, allow time for the customer to move in so that he can organize the new house. After about 10 days, you will be able to take action with the after-sales.

4 – Important dates, learn how to enjoy

An organized agenda is very important. Have the important dates for your client, those that are worth remembering, noted in your calendar. Send congratulations on the family’s birthdays, give the customer a gift for their first celebration of a year of moving… Probably the customer will not be waiting and will be positively surprised. He is unlikely to look for you in the next real estate need.

Post-sales is easier than it looks, but not every broker does it. With dedication, creativity and wisdom there is no mistake. Put it into practice!



Author: blog-admin