4 CRM tips for realtors

At first glance, it may seem that a realtor’s job is similar to that of a salesperson. Of course, at some point, he performs this function – but in fact, his work is much more extensive. After all, the broker needs to deal not only with the end consumer but also with the owners. And, for developing such a complex job, it is essential that the real estate agent develops a solid relationship with clients and focused on the long term.

In this post, we list 4 indispensable customer relationship tips. Check out:

Bet on technology

At the beginning of his career, with only a few clients, the realtor finds a great facility to provide the service. However, as it becomes full of keys and buyers start to appear in droves, the situation becomes untenable.

To solve this problem and, on top of that, provide a personalized service, according to the customer’s needs, the ideal is betting on a customer relationship management (CRM) system. With it, the broker obtains information about each of the clients, which favors the service and the approach used during the sale.

Perform after-sales

As we saw in the introduction, the realtor needs to think about a long-term relationship, not necessarily a sale – something short-term. For this reason, the ideal is for him to use shares to nurture a firm bond. After all, both owners and buyers can return in the future and return to do business with the broker.

One way to promote this lasting relationship is through post-sales. There are countless actions that can be taken in this direction, from a simple call to find out if both were satisfied with the business to e-mail marketing campaigns to delight customers.

Offer personalized service

We have seen that with CRM, you can acquire accurate information about your customers. With this, you can offer personalized service, according to the customer’s history. Someone who turned down a property for reason X, for example, might be delighted with another proposal. The broker just needs to make contact again.

In addition, it is important to highlight that, today, service is one of the priorities in the eyes of the consumer. So much so that, in a survey by the magazine Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios , it was found that this point is more important than, even, the quality of the products or the price of the negotiation.

Humanize the customer relationship

Finally, it is essential that the broker maintain the concept of humanization of service whenever doing business. Values ​​such as respect for others, cordiality and transparency need to be transmitted so that the other party feels more comfortable with the situation.

In other words, nothing to see the buyer as just a means to an end, which is the sale. As we have seen, the realtor needs to think about the long term if he wants to guarantee success!


Author: blog-admin